Emerald Class Service

Emerald R- Class service
GS driver Mark Hattman with the new Mercedes R-Class

As a green shuttle service, our cars (typically Toyota Prius or Camry) are smaller than the traditional black car services. Of course, our cars get two to three times the mpg of a typical town car. Our primary mission is to get folks to the airport in an environmentally responsible way. Certainly a Prius beats the heck out of a town car on that score!

Need more room?

We’ve heard potential customers say, “We love the Green Shuttle, we love the concept, we love your drivers, but we really do wish your cars were a little bigger.

Meet the Emerald Class Service

We are pleased to introduce our “Emerald Class” service. The “R” class is a Mercedes (pictured) running on clean diesel technology. The R-Class is remarkably fuel efficient and the clean diesel technology has substantially lower greenhouse emissions than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. We feel it is a great compliment to our current fleet and gives our clients another green option.

Mercedes R Class interior
A look at the Mercedes R-Class interior.

Will it cost more?

Yes. However, the Emerald Class service is very competitively priced compared to existing black car services in our area.

Whether you choose to ride in our sedans (Prius), executive sedans (Camry) or the new Emerald Class service, you will ride knowing that your personal choice, along with thousands of other Green Shuttle personal choices, is making a big environmental difference. And for that our planet is eternally grateful to you!

Ready to book? Just select “Emerald Class” as your preferred vehicle when you book online.

Thank you Green Traveler! As always, go green and ride happy. :)

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