Booking FAQ

1. How long before my departure should I get picked up?

When you book your ride online, we will calculate a suggested pickup time based on your travel information. Pickup times are calculated from your specific location and take into account possible traffic delays– in other words, you won’t miss a flight! If you are a frequent traveler, have priority check-in privileges, or feel your pickup time is too early, you can adjust your pickup time to your preference.

2. Can I book for someone else?

Yes. Please fill out the form as though you are the primary traveler. The name you fill in when you are booking should be the name of the primary traveler, along with their contact information. To send the booking confirmation to multiple emails, you may do so by clicking on the “cc email” option when you enter the traveler information.

3. How do I book a point-to-point trip?

Please select “point-to-point” during the booking process. Please use this option only for trips other than to/from airports or Amtrak. Examples include visiting a friend, going to a city hotel, medical facility, etc. You can go to/from any state, any city, any address. We calculate the mileage and travel time (you will see that when you book) and then calculate your price. Please use point-to-point if most of your trip will be spent moving. (ie The driver will not be waiting for you during a stop.)

4. How do I make an hourly reservation?

Please select “hourly rentals” during the booking process. If the majority of your rental time is stationary (not moving) you should book using the hourly rentals option. Examples include: a night on the town, proms, weddings, concerts, progressive dining, wine tours, etc.

5. Do I need to tip my driver?

We have built a suggested 20% gratuity for your driver into the booking feature. If you want to give your driver something other than 20%, you can simply type your preferred amount into the box and click on "update tip". If you would like to give a cash tip, you may select the "cash tip" option.

6. Will my driver help with my luggage?

Yes, our drivers are happy to meet you at the door and help you load your luggage into the car. They will not enter your house. If you require assistance to check-in at the airport, you may request it at an additional charge.

7. How do I cancel or change a reservation?

Just visit our change and cancellation page, fill out the form, and we'll confirm your change or cancellation once we process it.

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