What Makes Us Green

Just like each one of us, businesses should strive to create value and help to make the world a better place. We are committed to giving you a green, innovative, and efficient service that feels good and does minimal harm to our environment.

  • Hybrid and Fully Electric Vehicles

    We carefully select vehicles for our fleet that are hybrid and low-emission. By using hybrid cars we have saved over 100 carbon tons since going into business! Read more about our vehicles >

  • Paperless process

    Our business process is 100% paperless. We send electronic receipts and use a paperless online booking system.

  • Support local businesses

    We believe that small, local businesses are at the heart of sustainability. We work together with local Cape Cod businesses in order to support a healthy and diverse economy.

Our commitment: A 100% EV Fleet by 2030

Back in 2006 we pioneered the use of hybrid vehicles for livery service. It is a source of great pride, and we’ve done our part to reduce harmful carbon emissions for the past 18 years.

As the climate crisis intensifies, we know that we need to do more. We have started the process of electrifying our fleet with our first EV: a Kia EV9. We are testing this vehicle through an extensive evaluation process so the EV transition will not cause any disruption or changes to the Green Shuttle service you know and love. In addition to our reduced carbon output, we pride ourselves on providing the most reliable transportation service in Southeastern Mass. We are committed to maintaining our quality of service throughout this transition.

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