What Makes Us Green

Just like each one of us, businesses should strive to create value and help to make the world a better place. We are committed to giving you a green, innovative, and efficient service that feels good and does minimal harm to our environment.

  • Hybrid and low-emission vehicles

    We carefully select vehicles for our fleet that are hybrid and low-emission. By using hybrid cars we have saved over 100 carbon tons since going into business! Read more about our vehicles >

  • Paperless process

    We are striving to make our business process 100% paperless. We send electronic receipts and use a paperless online booking system. 

  • Support local businesses

    We believe that small, local businesses are at the heart of sustainability. We work together with local Cape Cod businesses in order to support a healthy and diverse economy.

Our Vehicles

We carefully select our vehicles based on their fuel-efficiency and comfort. We believe that when you make the choice to travel green, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort.

All of our vehicles are equipped with top of the line amenities:

We’ll always provide you with usb & 120v power outlets, various waters and in vehicle treats for your comfort.

Our Emerald Fleet Includes:

  • Lexus RX450h

  • Toyota Avalon

  • Toyota Sienna (mini-van)

  • Toyota Hylander Hybrid

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