Point-to-Point Rates

So you need to get from point A to point B without driving? Not to worry, the Green Shuttle is here to help.

Let’s say you want to go from your residence in Falmouth, MA to visit a friend in New London, CT. Use our “point-to-point” booking function to enter any two addresses in the United States and calculate our fare. You will also see the distance and estimated travel time based upon prevailing speed limits.


For current rates ………… give us a call at 508.563.6472.   Or you can use our on-line booking tool to quote your ride.    Early on in the booking process you will see our rate for your requested travel.   You can then proceed to fully book your trip or simply abandon the process at that point if you prefer.


 Prices do not include a gratuity for your driver.  Our gratuity guideline is 20%; however, gratuity is for quality of service and should be adjusted accordingly. 

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